Luxus Live is a production label and curatorial platform based in Dakar, Senegal focused on music and contemporary culture in West Africa & the Maghreb.  Operating with interwoven capacities in artist management, international booking, record production, event organization and creative consulting, Luxus Live implements effective strategies for artists and cultural actors to engage across the varied terrain of the global music economy. Project focus points:

  • produce innovative music
  • bridge independent artists and cultural actors practicing in West Africa with creative opportunities abroad
  • bridge artists and cultural actors from abroad to creative opportunities in West Africa
  • present new concert scenarios

“Luxus” is the Wolof word for magic.  Luxus Live proceeds from the premise that magical transformation is a core action of music culture – the flashpoint at which sound becomes intellect, sensation, and movement; the simple “ah-ha” moment when a rhythm finally clicks out of the either or when an audience and performer mutually surrender. Luxus Live strives to activate this “living magic” as a vehicle for boundless cultural alchemy.