Luxus Live provides comprehensive production, management, booking and PR services for Noura Mint Seymali worldwide as well as record production on her first international releases - Tzenni (2014) & Arbina (2016) - available via Glitterbeat Records on CD / Vinyl / digital formats:

The arrival of Mauritanian vocalist Noura Mint Seymali in front of Western audiences feels like the start of a new era
The seemingly effortless way Tzenni straddles new and traditional music makes it one of the finest African albums this year.
Tzenni is an excellent new album by a preternaturally talented singer. This is an album of gutsy, declamatory playing and singing...Impressive.
— The Guardian
Noura Mint Seymali has put out arguably the best psych blues album of 2014. (Tzenni, 2014)

Best Album in the Universe! ...Not one of the best “world music” albums, whatever that means, but one the best albums. Full stop. Period. (Arbina, 2016)
— VICE / Noisey
[Luxus Live] has harnessed the crackle of a marketplace cassette-stall sound system, but framed it with some New York studio sheen. 5 stars.
— Songlines
[Tzenni] est une déflagration tellurique...Solaire comme put l’être Sun Ra, ravageuse comme le fut Howlin’ Wolf, ethnocentrée et universelle tout à la fois...Depuis Nouakchott et les déserts mauritaniens, la mise en orbite d’une étoile.
— Les inRocks